Our Philosophy

To provide a safe, fun and supervised area for your children to play while you use the community center. Our "free-play" curriculum approach is not a structured program, but rather a time for creativity and relationship building.

We continue our dedication to the family by providing parents of our community with a quality, convenient and affordable child watch service. The child watch service is available for children 6 weeks to 6 years old (kindergarten) when their parent(s) are participating in ECC programs or facilities.


  • $1.00 per hour per child (2 hour limit per visit)
  • $2.50 max per hour for a family of 3 or more children (2 hour limit per visit)

*Pre-paid cards may be purchased at the front desk.

Weather Policy

Child Watch will NOT be offered if Plain Local Schools close due to weather or if Plain Local is on a 2 hour weather delay. We do this for the safety of everyone. ECC's building and fitness areas WILL be open for use even if Child Watch is closed due to weather. 

Child Watch Hours (Fall/Winter)

Child Watch will no longer be offered in the evenings.

Monday NO Child Watch
Tuesday No Child Watch
Wednesday NO Child Watch
Thursday NO Child Watch
Friday NO Child Watch
Saturday No Child Watch
Sunday Center Closed

Parent Guidelines

Our child watch room is staffed by loving, qualified volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested in helping out in child watch and earning a free ECC membership, please see Denise Allen-Director of ECC. 

  1. Child Watch is to be used only while you are in the building.
  2. Please take your child to the restroom or have a clean diaper prior to signing in.
  3. Please note that the Child Watch staff does not change diapers. You will be called if your child needs changed or needs to use the restroom.
  4. We ask that little ones who are sick be kept out of Child Watch. This includes diarrhea, thick colored discharge from nose, fever, lice, or vomiting in the last 24 hours.
  5. Parents may provide a snack or beverage. No gum, hard candy or peanut products.
  6. Staff will do all they reasonably can to comfort a crying child. If after 10 minutes the child is still upset, you will be located to tend to your child.
  7. We reserve the right to report to you any inappropriate behavior shown by your child. This includes physical danger to other children, staff and self (including kicking, biting, pinching, etc) or destruction of toys and equipment.

For more information, email Denise Allen at dallenecc@gmail.com